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Firefighters and medics have an amazing impact in community they serve. The rewards that come with the pride of being a volunteer firefighter are beyond words. Firefighters and medics come to the aid of persons in times of their greatest need, life and death often hangs in the balance and is often spared by the men and women who give their time to the Department. Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department firefighters have and will continue to help those who request it. If you are prepared to expand your potential, gain valuable knowledge, and become a part of a family of brothers and sisters who work side by side Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department is the place to start.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer fire fighter?


  • - To become a firefighter with Bexar-Bulverde you will need to participate in our volunteer academy, each academy lasts four months and will cover everything you need to know to become a valuable member of our department. The academy meets twice a week and one Saturday a month for the four months. Once you turn in your application, you will be assigned to the Emergency Services Unit until the next academy starts. The Emergency Services Unit provides rehabilitation services during large incidents and also assists with various public relations events. We are currently accepting applications for the next academy please fill out an application and submit it to either station for processing.
  • - Be at least 18 years of age
  • - Submit an application to Bexar-Bulverde Volunteer Fire Department
  • - Pass a background check
  • - Be a team player with a service oriented spirit.
  • - Possess the ability to work well with others.
  • - Maintain confidentiality and professionalism.
  • - Must be in good physical condition.




  • - I'm already TCFP/EMT certified; do I need to go through the volunteer academy?
    NO, if you are already TCFP certified you do not need to attend one of our academies. You do need to complete an application and supply us with copies of your certifications. Once this has been completed you will enter the fast track program to becoming a member with our department.

  • - I'm an EMT and don't want to become a firefighter, can I still volunteer?
    Yes, we currently have a fast track program for medics only to volunteer with us, however if you do decide that you want to become a firefighter with us you will need to participate in an academy.